Fèis Thiriodh 2022

It’s been too long… 

We are delighted to be able to send out information on Fèis Thiriodh 2022!
This year we will be celebrating our 30th birthday with some new merchandise and lots of fun activities, plus some amazing music tutors.

Get your application forms in quickly to benefit to book your space as places will be limited.


https://tinyurl.com/Tiriodh2022 If you have any questions or queries, please contact feisthiriodh@live.co.uk


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Piping Live – Pass airson leth-phrìs

Piping Live! are delighted to announce a new ticket offer for Fèis groups, where they can now receive 50% off the online festival pass for their students, so they can watch a full week of evening concerts and more events throughout the week for only £25.

From today Fèis participants can contact Piping Live! to redeem this ticket offer. But you must act fast, tickets must be redeemed to watch online before midnight on Wednesday 30th June, when the offer ends, with only those redeemed able to watch all the action from 7th – 15th August with 50% off!  

Finlay MacDonald, Artistic Director of the Festival said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this fantastic deal to school students around the world. By making our events more accessible to young players we hope to inspire the next generation of soloists, traditional musicians and world pipe band champions.” 

To get Fèis tickets, please email contact@pipinglive.co.uk with the name of your Fèis and the number of passes you require. 

How it will work is:

– Tell Piping Live! Fèis name and no. passes you require

– The team at Piping Live! will email you a code and instructions for how to register 

– This code and instructions can then be emailed by the Fèis to students 

– Each individual student will need to go online and register, using the code to claim the discount before 11.59pm on Wednesday 30th June 2021. The codes will not work after this time, but full price tickets will still be available. 

Terms and conditions for this are here

Piping Live! returns with a full week of concerts, talks, book launches and more from 7th – 15th August. You can view the whole programme and get your online early bird festival pass now for £50 at www.pipinglive.co.uk   

We hope your Fèis groups  will take up this great offer. 



Helen Urquhart
Marketing Officer 

The National Piping Centre
30-34 McPhater Street

G4 0HW

Tel:  0141 353 0220
Fax: 0141 353 1570

The National Piping Centre Ltd.  Registered in Scotland no. 139271, Charity no. 020391
The Piping Centre Trading Ltd.  Registered in Scotland no. 162342
Glasgow International Piping Festival.  Registered in Scotland no. 256248, Charity no. 34875

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Blas na Fèise – June ’21

Blas na Fèise

Disathairne 26mh den Ògmhios, 1.15 – 4.15f, An Talla, Crosabol, Tiriodh

Bidh sinn a’ cur fàilte air a h-uile duine aois 3-18 a thighinn còmhla rinn airson cultar na Gàidhlig a chomharrachadh le feasgar de chur-seachadan spòrsail, leithid: ceòl bho Norrie MacÌomhair (prìomh sheinneadair Skipinnish); dannsa-ceum cuide ri Tara NicFhraing & Seumaidh MacDhòmhnaill (Eabhal); agus slighe ionmhais.

Bidh Fèis Bheag ann fo stiùir Ishbel Chaimbeul do dh’aoisean 3-4 (sgoil-àraich) bho 3 – 3.30f cuideachd.

Faodaidh pàrantan/luchd-cùraim a thighinn nar cuideachd (aig astar le còmhdaichean-aghaidh) airson cuirm deireannach na Fèise agus thèid an rafail a dhèanamh an uairsin cuideachd. Gheibhear tiogaidean an rafail ann am Bùth a’ Bhaile, Café Carrieann, Tyree Gin agus aig an doras air an latha. Ma tha duine sam bith airson duais a thabhainn dhan rafail, cuiribh fios gu feisthiriodh@live.co.uk neo gu Linda Nic a’ Ghobhainn air 07787 571560.

Faodar clàradh airson clann aois-sgoile an seo agus airson clann aois sgoil-àraich an seo. Thèid àitean a thoirt seachad mar a thèid iarraidh orra agus bidh an Fhèis a’ leantainn riaghailtean air an àireamh de chloinn as urrainn a ghabhail. Bidh clàradh fosgailte gu Diciadain 23 An t-Ògmhios.

Ma tha tuilleadh fiosrachaidh a dhìth, nach cuiribh fios gu:

Linda Nic a’ Ghobhainn 07787571560

Janice NicAonghais 078811950951

Bidh an Fhèis a’ leantainn stiùireadh Fèisean nan Gàidheal air Covid-19 agus thèid measadh-cunnart a dhèanamh ron àm. Bu chòir don a h-uile duine aois 12 is nas sine còmhdach-aghaidh a chur orra.

Cha bhi pàirceadh ri fhaighinn aig An Talla eadar 1.15 – 3.30f. Coinnichidh luchd-obrach na Fèise le com-pàirtichean aig geata an Talla. Bidh a’ phàirc-chàraichean fosgailte aig 3.30f airson a leigeil do phàrantan/luchd-cùraim a thogail an cuid cloinne agus a choimhead air cuirm deireannach na Fèise.

Bu chòir do chlann seacaid bhlàth a thoirt leotha oir bidh an slighe ionmhais a’ gabhail àite a-muigh.

Cumaibh sùil airson naidheachd mu Fhèis Thiriodh a’ ceangal ri Fèis Chiùil Thiriodh ann an 2022 airson 30 bliadhna na Fèise a chomharrachadh.

Blas na Fèise (Taste of the Fèis)

Saturday 26th June 2021, 1.15pm – 4.15pm, at An Talla, Crossapol, Tiree.

All 5-18 year olds are welcome to join us for a fun filled afternoon of activities celebrating Gaelic culture including music with Norrie MacIver (lead singer Skipinnish), step-dancing with Tara Rankin and Jamie MacDonald (Eabhal) and a treasure hunt.

There will also be Fèis Bheag with Ishbel Campbell for 3 – 5 year olds (nursery) from 3 – 3.30pm.

All parents/ carers may join us (socially distanced with masks) for our musical finale at 3.30pm when the raffle will also be drawn. Raffle tickets will be available at Bùth a’ Bhaile, Cafaidh Carrieanne, Tyree Gin and at the door. Anyone wishing to donate to the raffle should contact feisthiriodh@live.co.uk or Linda Smith on 07787 571560.

Please click here to register school-aged children and here to book nursery aged children for the event. Please note that spaces are limited and that places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking will close on Wednesday 23rd June.

If anyone requires more information, please contact

Linda Smith 07787571560

Janice MacInnes 078811950951

Please note Fèisean nan Gaidheal’s Covid 19 precautionary procedures and risk assessment will be in place for this event. All over 12 year olds and adults must wear a mask.

Please note that between 1.15 – 3.30pm, there will be no parking within the grounds of An Talla. Children and young people will be met at the hall gate by Fèis staff. However, the car park will open at 3.30pm to allow parents/carers to collect children and / or attend the musical finale.

Children should bring a warm jacket as treasure hunt will be outside.

Watch this space for exciting news about the 30th anniversary of Fèis Thiriodh linking into TMF in 2022.

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Fèis Thiriodh is seeking an administrator on a self-employed basis.

Flexible working schedule | 100 hours/year | £10/hour

Job description download – CLICK HERE

Letter of application and CV should be submitted to feisthiriodh@live.co.uk

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 5pm, Monday 6th April 2021

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The committee have been having discussions over the last week and unfortunately the decision has been made to cancel the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am sure that you will understand the reasons why we have come to this decision. The health of our participants, tutors, committee and the community of Tiree is our priority during this pandemic.

We are extremely disappointed as we had been well underway with preparations for Fèis Thiriodh 2020, an event to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We will hopefully see you all back with us at Fèis Thiriodh next year.

Thig crìoch air saoghal, ach mairidh gaol is ceòl.

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VIDEO: 25th Anniversary

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December 30, 2015 · 5:48 pm



As the last notes of the final strip-the-willow echoed out over the Crossapol shore, exhausted Fèis Thiriodh committee members looked back over a packed and successful festival that celebrates the island’s music and culture.

2015 was the 25th year of the Fèis and the anniversary was celebrated in some style. The week started with a lovely joint service at Heylipol Church, where singers Linda MacLeod from Uist and Iona Brown were aided by some little people on paper musical instruments. Monday saw the 25th Anniversary Concert and 220 people packed the hall to hear some of the island’s most famous musical stars. Angus MacPhail from Skipinnish, Daniel and Martin Gillespie of Skerryvore and Campbell Brown from Gunna Sound had taken the time to come over and support the Fèis. They were joined by this year’s tutors and other past tutors, including Arthur Cormack from Fèisean nan Gàidheal and Donald Black, who waved one hand with great enthusiasm to arouse the audience while playing the mouth organ with the other. Founder member Flora MacPhail, whose newly written theme song for the Fèis became an instant hit, was particularly thanked, along with Joyce MacInnes and John Holliday for their tireless work promoting music on the island.


The next evening Ian Smith presented the results of his year’s research into the island’s past prolific whisky production, before unveiling a plan to look into setting up a micro-distillery on Tiree in the future. The children’s dance was sold out with 200 jigging and reeling to Eilidh MacFadyen’s band. The first ‘game’ took so long because of the number of competitors that it became the last game too! The ‘Muse Cruise’ to Barra attracted 108 music lovers. The six-hour session and sing-along was only interrupted by a strip-the-willow on Castlebay pier, complete with a number of canoeists still in their wetsuits and lifejackets! The dancers and pipers of Fèis Bharraigh gave the ferry a send-off to remember with a Highland dance perilously close to the pier edge followed by a blast from the ship’s horn and a lone Tiree piper on the ship’s aft deck. Trail West rounded off the week with a dance described by Ian Smith as “brilliant”.

Numbers at the classes were up again with 61 at the main Fèis, 33 at Fèis Bheag and 40 at Fèis Bheag Bheag for the under-5s. This was back to the levels last seen during the golden days of the Fèis in the 1990s. The Tiree Fèis has had its low points over the past 25 years. When the Hall closed its doors for a year the Fèis also closed and a party of children went up to the Uist Fèis instead. When the school closed for maintenance for several years classes were held in An Talla and in nearby caravans. Numbers attending went down so much that some committee members felt the Fèis had had its day.

Tutors this year were Andrew Findlater (drums), Alain Campbell (guitar), Ian Smith & Gordon Connell (accordion), Scott Wood (pipes), Jamie MacDonald (fiddle), Linda MacLeod (singing), Doc Holliday (flute and whistle), Eleanor Sinclair (dancing), Iain MacKinnon (Gaelic conversation), John Angus MacKinnon (film making), Artair Donald (drama), with Iona Brown, Tara Rankin and Eilidh MacFadyen (Fèis Bheag).

The committee, under the leadership of chair Eilidh Campbell and vice-chair Sheila MacKinnon declared themselves delighted with how the festival had gone, before going off for a well-earned sleep. Committee member Dr John Holliday told An Tirisdeach, “This has been the best-ever Fèis Thiriodh. It has roared back to life for its 25th anniversary, and the enthusiasm for Gaelic and the island’s culture is very encouraging. It was remarkable how youthful and vibrant the tutors were this year, how many of them are fluent and proud Gaelic speakers, and how many have come through the ranks of the Fèis itself. Tiree, truly Scotland’s musical island, is lucky to have them, and I hope they will see and enjoy the 50th anniversary of Fèis Thiriodh as much as we have enjoyed the 25th.”

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